Launching Your Business

Step 1: Speak to 3-5 Key People (in person or on Zoom)

When launching your business, it is important to tell people about the benefits of the business opportunity, as well as the products.

As soon as you start your business, we recommend getting in front of 3-5 key people who you would love to join you in business. Speak to them with your sponsor and tell them about the business opportunity. This can be done before your launch either face to face or on Zoom. Use the Discover Arbonne Presentation or ‘Is Arbonne For You?’ documents to help you do this.

Discover Arbonne Slides Jan 2019

Is Arbonne For You

DA Presenter Notes July 2018


Step 2: Host A Facebook Launch

Running a launch on Facebook will enable you to reach a wider audience of people straight away. Use the guide below to help you do this.

Facebook Group Launch Guide


Step 3: Host An In-Person Launch

Launching your business in person well help you explain to your network what Arbonne is, why you are doing it and allow them to try the products and get more information. Use these documents for guidance in launching your business.

How To Run an ‘In Person’ Launch

Customer Care Form

Arbonne Opportunity Video

Launch Verbiage Audio


Use the presentation below during your launch to refer to and explain how Arbonne works.

Business Launch Presentation

Business Launch Notes