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Here are some top tips from some of our leaders to help you in your first steps...


“Listen to your sponsor and get along to every event you possibly can. Make the most of your excitement and first impressions.” NVP Meg McLean


“Keep it simple and follow the system for success.” ERVP Angela MacVicar


“Have an abundant mind set, share your products and business with passion and vision.” RVP Lorraine Weselby


“People usually overestimate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they will achieve in 5. Keep going UNTIL you see success.” ENVP Emma Sangster


“Treat this like a business from day 1. Act like you’ve invested £1million and work it consistently…’turning up’ to work every day.” RVP Lesley Collins


“Always stay true to who you are. Period.” RVP Lora Caven


“Read The Flip Flop CEO, 4 Year Career and Beach Money straight away. And give it time.” ERVP Lyn Nugent


“Read Go Pro and follow what your sponsor advises… They know best!” RVP Ashley Carr


“Read an EOA everyday. Plug in and follow the system for success.” RVP Leanne Davis


“Alice had to fall down before she got to wonderland; and so will you.” ERVP Louise Benbow