Daily HabitsRunning Your Business Day To Day

We have systems in place to help you run your business well every day.

Learn all the steps, keep it simple and duplicate it.

Follow the tips below to ensure you work your business with consistency.

There are 5 basic steps:

1. Find people to talk to

2. Talk to the people you find

3. Follow up with them and get a decision

4. Sponsor them into the business

5. Duplicate – teach them how to do what you do

Arbonne is a hybrid of both Network Marketing and Direct Sales. As an Independent Consultant you have two roles. Firstly to consume the products and secondly to explain to people about Arbonne. That includes both its incredible income opportunity and its pure safe and beneficial products. Both of these combined together will build you a consumer network that includes Clients, Preferred Clients and Consultants.

There are a variety of reach out methods you can use and it’s up to you which you choose to focus on but we recommend a combination of all reach out methods.

Reach-Out Methods

1) 1-1’s are great short presentations you can do over coffee or online (ZOOM or facetime), so are very easy to fit in and around your life, plus they give people information on the opportunity and the chance to trial a full size set of products, or post samples if they are far away.

2) Opportunity Presentations are larger events where you can take guests along to hear experienced consultants share the Arbonne Opportunity. There will be products on display, but take your Tester Kits with you so you can still offer a trial of the products. These are great as a second exposure for interested people wanting to see the bigger picture.

3) Product Workshops are designed to introduce people to Arbonne products and explain the benefits of using pure, safe and beneficial skin care.
 On average 1 in 10 people say yes to the business, therefore the 90% of people who will never do the business will be excited and informed about the products and become committed Preferred Clients and Client consumers, which is the ultimate aim.

4) Product Drop is an occasion where you have had a conversation with someone who is interested in our products. This would involve sending or dropping off samples of a product and arranging a Follow-Up appointment in 2 days time to find out how much they loved the product and help them order.

When someone loves the products, remember to ask if they would like to hear about the business opportunity with Arbonne. This could lead to a guest at an opportunity presentation, or a 1-1.

In each situation you want to share both the products and the opportunity, as you never know what a person will be interested in. Read the documents for each step to building a business and ask your sponsor to show you how to do everything so you can duplicate them.


Daily Method of Operation: 2-2-2

On a daily basis, we advise you to focus on the MINIMUM 2-2-2 System. This involves:

2 x Reach Outs Per Day

2 x Follow Ups Per Day

2 x New Names to your list per day

Here’s some more information about this… (password:training)

Daily Tracking of your Business

Some people find it helpful to track their business.  By checking off that you are taking the essential daily activities, you can be sure that you are going to start seeing results in your business. We recommend printing these documents and checking off your daily activity!

Tracking Your Business – Docs

Weekly Goals

On a Weekly Basis, we would advise that you are sharing Arbonne’s business and products with no less than 3-5 people a week, in order to see growth. If you are going fast in this business, you will want to do more than that.