Please see below some videos you can use to send to people looking for some more information. It’s helpful to send someone a video from someone they can relate to. We have provided some details on the people speaking in each, to help you to do that.

2 Min Arbonne Animation Overview

ENVP Meg McLean 

Started at 24 years old, marketing background, 2 children. – Meg McLean (FULL presentation with slides) – Meg McLean (SHORT presentation – 8 mins)

RVP Ashley Carr

Mum of 4. Started business alongside 3 kids, and full time high level career.

NVP Lesley Collins

Started at 24 years old, marketing background, mum of 1. – Lesley Collins (SHORT overview 14 mins)

ERVP Rachel Chan

Started business at 21, in a lot of debt. Built business during maternity leave so didn’t need to return to 9-5 employment. (20 mins)

AM Barry Nelson

Construction & Property Business Owner (20 mins)

RVP Stephanie Connell

Olympic Karate Coach, Mum of 2, formerly in academia (PhD)

RVP Wendy Griffith

Ex Marketing Manager (London City Corporate) Mum to toddler.

Short Overview for Personal Trainers

ENVP Iain Pritchard

Property Developer, already successful when started Arbonne. Has now built a business in Arbonne with a turnover of millions.