Please see below some videos you can use to send to people looking for some more information. It’s helpful to send someone a video from someone they can relate to. We have provided some details on the people speaking in each, to help you to do that.

2 Min Arbonne Animation Overview

ENVP Meg McLean 

Started at 24 years old, marketing background, 2 children. – Meg McLean (FULL presentation with slides) – Meg McLean (SHORT presentation – 8 mins)

RVP Ashley Carr

Mum of 4. Started business alongside 3 kids, and full time high level career. – Ashley Carr (SHORT 15 min overview) – Ashley Carr (FULL presentation with slides)

NVP Lesley Collins

Started at 24 years old, marketing background, mum of 1. – Lesley Collins (SHORT overview 14 mins)

ERVP Rachel Chan

Started business at 21, in a lot of debt. Built business during maternity leave so didn’t need to return to 9-5 employment. (20 mins)

AM Barry Nelson

Construction & Property Business Owner (20 mins)

RVP Stephanie Connell

Olympic Karate Coach, Mum of 2, formerly in academia (PhD)